Ra Ra Run Down

I used to feel a small amount of irritation with people walking slow in the middle of the way. My husband is tall and inevitably walks at a fast pace. I enjoyed the fast paced walk because after all aren’t we all in a perpetual hurry? Hurry to work, hurry to the grocery store, hurry home, hurry with house chores, hurry dinner… the hurry never seems to end.

Until you become the slow one who irritates people mildly or fully. I had my first traveling experience with RA and feel kind of devastated by people. Without choice, starting in April I just slowed down. It hasn’t been entirely noticeable until this trip. People in the airport were practically plowing me over and showing outward irritation with my slow pace. I seem to drop things easier and have trouble balancing and those who helped were those who carried a passport. I vividly recall three young, American, macho, and overweight men saying loudly behind me as my husband and I stood to the side on a people mover with all of our luggage, “How lazy are people that they can’t even walk. Aren’t these things made to help people move faster?” The men quickly bolted around us and continued their route on the regular path continuing to bashing the “lazy.”

Part of me wanted to have a tantrum, to sit down and cry in the middle of the crowd. What the hell is the hurry? Why do people assume laziness?

Despite the near tears and trampling experiences, I am proud of my slower pace. I’m more aware, more kind, and more present.



  1. Man can I relate to this one..I was always the one where people were saying “slow down, we cannot keep up!” Now I move very slowly always dropping everything along the way….
    I do have friends at work who mean well and we always joke around all day about anything and everything and now it is well at least I know if I have to get away I can run away from you…
    it is heartbreaking sometimes the cruel comments made without any regards..
    Keep the faith πŸ™‚
    by the way love your blog!

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