Small Steps to a Big Day

Headache, icky mouth, sore tummy, and exhaustion… I’m the the final hours of the 48 hour methotrexate hangover. Today started way too early- 7am. I took small stiff steps to shower, dress, brush hair, apply makeup, and eat a little. Did I get hit by a train? I’m 30 but, am definitely feeling much older.

Today was my 6-week checkup with my rheumatologist since I have started the 15mg of methotrexate. I came in with a list of questions related to my hair loss, swollen lymph nodes, pinched nerve sensation, cane recommendations, and asked for exercise tips. I have only seen my doctor a few times so far but, he didn’t seem to answer my questions. Otherwise the appointment went as I had expected- long and came with a new prescription 20mg of methotrexate. I am really hoping my hair loss does not get worse. I’m imagining my fingers crossed.

I came home and took about a 40 minute nap because I felt that I could hardly stay awake. A couple hours later, I decided to tackle something big- the GYM. I’ve had a membership since I was around 13. I won’t discuss how little I have been over the years. Since the severe pain started I am down to about 117lbs which means I have lost 10lbs. Sadly, I’m sure I have lost a fair amount of muscle mass. I also suffer from lack of energy and overall strength. Is it the disease or the inactivity? Probably both!

I decided to treat myself to new headphones to crank up Passion Pit’s new album to get me pumped. Twenty-two minutes, of mostly treadmill with a little mix of elliptical, later I was sick and on my way out. How depressing! Although, I rarely attended the gym I could do a great workout- walking/jogging and free weight lifting for an hour or more.

I did not fully realize how the loss of mobility had impacted me physically. I plan to spend a little time at the gym everyday this week- treadmill, elliptical, and yoga. The pool is undergoing maintenance this week but, next week I plan to start aqua classes. I know my life will never be the same, but I hope to gain some strength and independence again.

Let’s see how I feel tomorrow…


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