Too much hair?

I have felt ugly for a long time. The purpose of a shower has become more about heat than cleanliness. Some days being clean and well groomed is more of a challenge than it is worth. Hairy legs are beautiful, right? Love it or hate it, they have become an important part of my look lately!

Speaking of hair, the hair on my head became out of control too. In the middle of the night for months it has found ways to wrap around my neck… multiple times even. However, getting a haircut terrified me. I have had an unhealthy attachment to it since it has been falling out and have also been too scared to commit to an appointment. What if my neck, shoulders, or hips hurt too much?

The maintenance of my long thinning hair along with nighttime stranglings finally outweighed my fears and I made an appointment. My fear of pain on the day of my appointment came true but, thankfully it was primarily my feet. I have had multiple dreams about cutting off all of my hair to take the weight off my neck but, I decided four inches would be plenty.

My hairdresser is absolutely amazing. Not only is she talented but she has a wonderful memory, kind heart, and found a way to make me feel beautiful for the first time in a very long time. I went home with achy joints, hairy legs, model hair, and more importantly a giant smile! The look on my husbands face when he saw added to my joy! Maybe I’ll even shave my legs next! Is there a salon for that?


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