Going Slow in a Speedo

I quietly and awkwardly dove into the women’s locker room at the gym. Loud chatter of women echoed as people were confidently and comfortably dressing, undressing, showering, blow drying, applying makeup, and deodorizing. I tried to make myself invisible as I slid across the wet floor toward the lockers, took off my bathing suit cover, and shoved it and my sunglasses into the locker. I always forget to leave my sunglasses in the car! It was just after that when I discovered a magical hallway to the pool. Rad! Walking through the gym in my one piece Olympic style Speedo was not a thrilling thought and also an unnecessary one.

I went in unequipped with a lock so, I lugged my keys and towel with me down the slip and slide hall to the pool. Inside a saw a jacuzzi full of 65+ men and the pool with about 6 women ranging in ages. However, I was definitely the youngest. The younger folks wore caps, goggles, and stayed in the athlete swimmer lane. It’s okay. I’m okay.

Apparently, you’re supposed to douse yourself in the water in the provided shower prior to entering the pool but, I ignorantly missed all signs. In my defense, I showered just prior to my visit. But I do have to question, what does the water really do anyway? The pool felt icy just as I remembered it feeling as a kid. My dad had a pool while I was growing up and I suddenly heard him say, “Just jump in. You’ll get used to it.” Although, I didn’t jump I quickly walked in immersing myself into the weight lifting water. The relief the water provided to my joints was rather amazing. Can I live in the pool?

I had just walked laps in the pool and jogged in place when a 65+ man from the jacuzzi hopped in the pool. He swam by saying hello rather creepily. I greeted him back making it clear I was not interested in conversation. He flirted with a 65+ woman who had given me a warm smile when I first got into the pool. “You’re naughty!” I heard her tell the man. Apparently, he had told her a dirty joke. Really? Each time the man swam by me, my skin crawled.

The jacuzzi was nearly empty and it was time to warm my joints. As I took a short walk to the jacuzzi I heard the woman tell the creepy man, “You can’t do that… you’re married.” Oh look at the time. It was time for lunch with my husband. I hosed off and re-entered the locker room without my invisibility cloak. I can be part of this experience.

Minus the creepy man and poor endurance, my pool experience was really wonderful. The pool took the pressure off of my achy joints and gave me a sense of freedom. I’ll definitely be back. I’m also considering the Yoga class on Thursday. Although I must admit, I’m a little afraid. Afraid of learning my new limits, what all this time of being mostly immobile has done, and starting a new life.



  1. I am so glad that the pool offered relief!! i think about that alot …but getting into a bathing suit right now would kill me…lololol
    The RA would not do me in , the embrassment of being a bathing suit would 🙂

    • Hi Dawn! I completely understand and feel the same way. I don’t know anyone who is eager to flaunt it in a bathing suit. They’re awful. I have a suit that covers well and I still feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, a wetsuit would draw attention and be very awkward. Haha.

      Despite the awful bathing suit part, I encourage you to go for it. I would say most of us were very out of shape and there was no judgement (other than the creeper who liked all that he saw from the opposite sex).

      As I was leaving a mother and daughter came into the pool area. The mother was in obvious pain and the daughter served as her coach. It warmed my heart. I would say the pool was overwhelmingly like a place of healing not an exercise space for the next Olympic swimmer. No Phelps! I hope you give it a try!

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