Doctor to the Rescue!

Though I’m sure I’m being dramatic, gobs of my hair seemed to be coming out all day yesterday. It was even in my coffee. Eww! Hair in food really disgusts me. But, I decided coffee was more important than a little hair, plucked it out, and drank it.

A short time later I forced myself up, bathed, applied minimal make-up, brushed my hair, tossed on loose fitting clothes, and made my way to get my 150 foods blood panel on its way. It was 10:30am when I last looked at the clock. When I got to the lab it was 10:58. How did that happen? The lab is only 10 minutes away. I moved slower than I thought. There was some confusion for my blood panel, as I brought in a kit, with pretty glass vials and a UPS bag. Apparently this lab office doesn’t see this often.

40 minutes, several strands of hair, and 4 filled vials later the issue was resolved and I made my way out. Whew! My husband met up with me and we had lunch at Chipotle. We got the salty-lime chips with a veggie burrito bowl (we always share). I felt as though I couldn’t taste anything and soon felt disgusted and quit. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t wait to get home to blast some tunes and finish a painting I started two weeks ago. Painting and music are great healing tools.

I sat down at our round breakfast table with my painting and supplies, one of my fluffy kitties at my feet meowed and marked my legs, and suddenly felt extremely fatigued. I have trouble sleeping on a regular basis and am never able to nap but, I suddenly felt the need to sleep. I had my favorite brushes neatly arranged, mixed the colors I needed, and had my favorite new band (Efterklang) playing on Spotify. I’ll feel better soon I’m sure. With each brush stroke I felt more tired. Maybe it’s the blood work? Though, I felt okay immediately after. What’s going on?

I finally gave in, leaving all my supplies out, and headed to the couch. I was light-headed and sick feeling. I crashed for about an hour and woke up feeling flu-like. Over the years, I have felt this way off and on and have always attributed it to a virus. Day two, and I’m finally realizing I may be experiencing the strange word “malaise.” I also have heightened joint pain.

Though, I’m not feeling well, it is sure nice to have a possible explanation for my unwell feeling. I have gone to the doctors so many times when I have felt like this, just for them to simply say it’s probably just a virus. I think it might be time to accept this feeling and move on with a different doctor. The loss of Rose on Doctor Who was super sad and I have put off the next episode on Netflix. Doctor Who usually makes me happy but, gosh the last episode was sad! How can a show I made fun of for so many years be so awesome and cause me to be involved enough to shed tears?



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