That’s Me Now

“Hi, this is Pharmacy Solutions.” Ummm, who? Is this political? If so, no thank you. Wait, Pharmacy? Solutions? I don’t need a solution to CVS or Rite Aid do I? Are they going out of business? Who is this? I’ve received more strange phone calls than ever in the last few days. My vocabulary is growing and I’m back to researching medication. I’m very over it. Pharmacy Solutions is apparently part of Humira. Okay. Humira, the commercial with the coach for RA that is moderate to severe. That’s me now. Weird.

Pens or syringes? Nurse at home, doctor’s office, or over the phone (to show me what I am doing)? Curascript or Caremart? Do you know about the “My Humira” program? I DON’T KNOW! How am I supposed to know? Can I opt out of all of the above?

I have had a rough week. Sunday and Monday were particularly bad and required the very rarely taken pain medication, Vicodin. After one dose Sunday night though, that was it! I was scratching all over but, no hives. I have only taken Vicodin a handful of times before (I generally prefer to tough it out) and can vaguely remember itching the last time. There I was back hanging out with my great friend, Google. I learned through a billion sites that itching is common side effect of codeine. I called my doctor and he passed on through a nurse that it sounded like an allergic reaction and to discontinue use. While Vicodin isn’t amazing, it does take the edge off of the pain. It makes it so that I can focus on things other than the pain which is a very big deal. I have lots of Doctor Who to watch, which requires focus, on my bad days! I’m still waiting to hear back on an alternative medicine…

While I may not know all the answers, I know 20mg of Methotrexate is not cutting it. I am suffering too much and my quality of life needs to improve. I opted for the pen, nurse at the doctor’s office, Curascript, and help through the “My Humira” program. The only missing components are full authorization for Humira, co-pay costs, and delivery. I’m trying to stay optimistic but I must say, it does make me feel a little queasy. Sometimes I don’t feel brave. I feel fearful. I kind of revert back to the feeling of shock and disbelief with each dosage increase or medication change. I miss the days of take this for 10 days and you’ll be better! I know grandma, one day at a time.

On a separate note, despite the pain I carved a pumpkin with my mom last night! Also, I made an awesome Pumpkin Tiramisu (recipe here!) and even put it in a pretty trifle dish! My husband also made a wonderful pumpkin bisque soup (recipe here)! Yum! Lots of laughs, fun, and great food! Now, that’s what life is about! I LOVE my family!


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