Humira Injection Tomorrow

On November 14th, I waited all day. Daylight past, I grew worried, and with no audible car or knock at my door Humira appeared in a giant styrofoam box on my doorstep. The next day, I went to my rheumatologist’s office to learn from a nurse how to inject myself with the pre-filled syringes. I asked for the pens but apparently the syringes were prescribed (?). At that moment I decided it would be best for a nurse to do my injections for awhile. There is just something too weird for me about injecting myself. I had a perfect kitty that became diabetic that I gave insulin. Though that was not fun either. Rather, it was awful.

I also decided to wait until visiting relatives who came the week of thanksgiving were gone to try it. While I’m not horribly worried about side effects, it would be awful with visitors. Thanksgiving is a time to feast with loved ones not trying new meds! We definitely had lots of love and feasted until we nearly exploded! YUM!

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m not scared of needles or pain but, I am scared. Perhaps I’m fearful of it causing me harm, having to relying on something else, or being disappointed?

One day at a time.



  1. the side effects from the humira was not bad nothing like the MTX. also ice the spot alittle before doing it…helps alot…. good luck!! it helped it me alot! 🙂

  2. I agree, if it’s anything like Enbrel, the side effects aren’t bad. I just had headaches the night of injection for a little while. Leave the shot out 15-30 minutes to warm it to room temperature before injecting. Whenever I don’t let it warm, it seems to hurt/bruise more. & I agree with Mountaindreamer1, icing does help. Also, just remember to breathe and cut yourself some slack! It’s weird to self-inject, but it will get easier.

    • Thank you for your advice musefulness 🙂 I really appreciate it! I really want to take are of it myself but it’s just strange. Like all things, I’ll get past it and I will cut myself some slack. Thank you again 🙂

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