Hot Lemon

A couple nights ago, I went to sleep in my favorite gray and super soft Bon Iver T-Shirt and woke up drenched. Fevers and hot flashes have been my hottest trend. Though it’s been windy and chilly, I have been a big fan of keeping the windows down while on outings. My joints don’t like it but my body temperature sure does! It sure is nice, when I go through hot bouts, to actually know what’s going on. For years, I thought it was the Ebstein Barr virus (EBV) which frequently reactivates making me feel icky (Quick side note- have you read about the possible correlation of the EBV and RA? Interesting stuff!). As awful as RA is, it’s been nice to have odd things explained! This body sure is a lemon!

Speaking of lemons, I started off my morning with warm lemon water after being inspired by Kris Carr and reading this article. I have to say a half a lemon was a bit much for me but, I will definitely make this part of my morning ritual. It’s really good actually. It may even help me move away from coffee… maybe. Haha.

I’m working on improving my spirits today. Yesterday, I had a couple (healthy) pity parties. I think it’s healthy and normal to mourn the loss of health (and having to take awful things) from time to time. Right? I have gotten much better emotionally, over the months, with handling having a chronic disease. Today, I am Christmas shopping (online of course) to counter my sad spirits! Shopping (even window shopping) can work wonders! I also think it’s necessary to get to Native Foods this weekend for this sandwich!

I’m also planning Christmas morning breakfast- these amazing looking cinnamon rolls! I’ll have a green juice too, of course!

Sending (the more applicable) cool and/or warm wishes to you!


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