Waterbed for My Head

My neck has been awful for about a week solid and one of the wonderful Facebook groups RA Chicks posted a question by a fellow RAer regarding pillow recommendations. Seriously, did someone read my mind? THANK YOU! I have been looking for months (okay probably years)! I even recently bought and tried out a pillow that seemed to be flat enough but, it wasn’t and instead felt like a torture device. My husband said he would wear it out and flatten it and let me try again.

I am sleeping on a seriously disgusting, ancient, and suuuuuuuper flat pillow because it’s that, a blanket rolled to the right height, or nothing at all. It’s bad. After looking at several of the suggestions, I decided this seems the best for me. I mean a waterbed for my head- rad! The runner up was the buckwheat husk pillow. Heck, I might get it too! Then perhaps I could… what do you call it… oh yeah sleep! Also, when my neck hurts it also makes me slightly nauseous. It’d sure be nice to wake up after a restful sleep without nausea! Fingers (figuratively) crossed!

I’m expecting my waterbed for my head tomorrow! I’m excited! I’ll keep you posted!


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