Pillow Update

Looking at it as my husband pulled it out of the packaging, I thought it definitely would not work. Sigh. The pillow looks like its made to prop me up not sleep. What’s up with that? My husband jumped to action to get me setup for bed. He poured two liters of water (for the softest option) into the pillow and remained innately optimistic. He carried it to the bed and plopped down to try it out. “It’s super soft, I think it might work!” he enthusiastically said.

Given my husband’s support, optimism, and despite the pillow’s appearance I decided I would give it a try. The pillow initially felt nice and soft, yet supportive. As the night went on, I really struggled to be comfortable. I woke up stiffer than usual and felt discouraged but refused to give in so easily. It’s a big adjustment to go from sleeping on basically nothing to something.

Today, I would say I’m pretty happy with it! My neck hasn’t strongly objected and my shoulders have thanked me. I didn’t realize how much pressure laying so flat (on my sides) was putting on my shoulders. My biggest complaint is that I cannot flip the pillow over. The water is designed to be on the bottom with a cap that sticks out. I wish the water was in the center of the pillow with a spout on the side. Though, it’s pretty heavy so I’m not sure flipping would occur anyway.

Despite it all, it’s much better than what I have had. The best part is with time it’ll get flatter and will be even better! I’m so thankful for RA communities and folks sharing what works for them!


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