Wanted: Pain Relief


Hands, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, AND feet- I cave. I’m on fire. I cannot think straight. I give in. I’m done. I popped a Percocet.

I can’t remember the last time I took pain medication and it’s not because I have not needed it. I don’t like pain medication. I don’t like putting more chemicals in my body. I just wait it out knowing that it’ll pass and that I can survive it. Vicodin made me spacey and the last time I took it I got very itchy (an allergic reaction I learned). The itchiness nearly drove me mad. I was prescribed Percocet months ago and it has sat in my medicine cabinet. I threatened my body to use it many times but always endured the pain instead. Medications which take the edge off RA pain alter my perception and I greatly dislike that. I’m also fearful that it will make me feel worse (the itchiness was awful). Percocet did its thing. The pain was still there but I cared less. I was instead plagued by being tired but oddly very wired. I really struggled to sleep. However I dwelled less on the widespread and persistent pain so I suppose it was better?

The month of May has been very hard on me. Could it be the weather? Did the Humira stop working? What the heck happened? My severe onset was around this same time last year so I am wondering if it is climate changes. The weather has been funky this month. Or am I just funky? I’m definitely funky! Ha!

In other news I completed my teaching credential classes, paid my dues, and am waiting to be awarded a preliminary credential. It’s an exciting time! If my pain levels decreased I would really be ecstatic. One day at a time.


I’m Still Here

I’ve vanished from here for awhile and I thought I should pop in for a hi there! I’ve been swamped in school work but it’s nearly over! I just submitted my last big assessment from the couch and my last class is tonight! The last four days have been rough but I am moving forward. Despite this awful feeling I have gotten a lot done! I’m damn proud of myself! And when this gloomy feeling subsides I think I might feel like weights have been lifted!

Until next time here is some great humor I wanted to share!


I’ll be back soon with life and RA stuffs! 🙂 Be well blog friends!