Burn Your Bra!

Recently I’ve developed a feminist burn your bra urge and sometimes rage. It’s hot, it’s uncomfortable… in fact it HURTS, and it needs to burn! I want to burn all my bras. Why does this bizarre contraption exist? Are nipples really THAT offensive? Do breasts REALLY need support? Or is this just a terrible cultural thing? If so society needs to GET OVER IT!

How did this thought suddenly emerge? Sure, I have had frustrating moments when I wear a dress that requires a strapless bra. The entire time I fight and feel the feminist rage emerge inside me. But this time it’s different. It’s been several weeks that I have genuinely considered boycotting bras, publicly protesting their use, and convincing other women to do the same.

I had a realization that I had this same feeling about high heels, low heels, any heels. It turned out heels are not this evil contraption and that it was just me. It was me unknowingly living with RA. My chest/rib cage has ached for several weeks. I’ve come close to having my husband take me to urgent care to make sure my organs (heart/lungs) are safe. It’s a scary kind of pain because of the location. The increasing number of Humira commercials don’t help and instead make me scared of the lengthy complications. HGTV seems to have an absurd number of commercials for RA meds (…and like many other women, HGTV is my favorite channel. We are the target audience and many of us are also RA sufferers!)! AHHHHHH! Instead of heading to urgent care or the ER I have turned to my great friend Google and discovered costochondritis which can occur with RA. I have no idea if this is the actual problem (though it makes sense) but fortunately I see my doctor this week for help. I’m also super thankful to all of the RA bloggers in the world. This blog saved me from heading to urgent care. I’m okay. I hurt and am uncomfortable. I’m sure this too will pass.

To end on an exciting note, I have managed to do a lot of gardening! Even on some of my bad days (depending on the joint) I head out and all in the world feels beautiful! I have a nifty gardening seat and a green thumb! It has been a great form of meditation! Check out my some of my photos from my garden below including my Dwarf Teddy Bear Sunflowers and Cone Flowers! Rad!






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