Oxygen & Pulse

The machine arrived in a light blue elementary school pencil box with a pleasant delivery man who complimented our beautiful garden. The machine, a small electronic device with an attached long cord and finger clip, looked beat up and unsanitary. The delivery man explained that I could tape the clip on my finger if I felt that it may fall off during the night. The clip had disgusting sticky residue from the previous users. I wiped it down thoroughly with sanitizing wipes, crawled in bed, took my nightly meds, and hesitantly put the clip on my finger. It was still sticky. My husband and I watched the bright red lights project my oxygen and pulse levels. Oxygen 98 Pulse 78.

“Is 98 good?” I asked my husband.
“Yeah, it is,” he said with confidence.
“What’s the normal range?” I said surprised that he knew.
“I dunno,” he shrugged.
“Then how do you know 98 is good?” I said in a stressed tone.
“I don’t,” he said with a chuckle.

It’s going to be a long night. Oxygen 97 Pulse 74. I flipped the machine upside down to remove light pollution, struggled to be comfortable, and tried to focus on America’s Got Talent. My hands and fingers ached and the clip felt like 50 pounds. Why do my fingers have to hurt tonight? Sleeping has been a struggle as my ribs are seemingly still inflamed and this little device was adding to the challenge. Oxygen 97 Pulse 68.

I woke up abruptly to find the machine under my husband… and it was off! Ahhhhh! “Just turn it back on,” my husband coherently responded. He is rarely able to be coherent mid-sleep and it was 12am. Oxygen 94 Pulse 81. Ugh. At 6am I was over it. I’m done. It hurts. My finger felt swollen and all my fingers painful. I turned on the light found it looked a little flattened and maybe a bit swollen. As usual, it looked nothing like how it felt. A few minutes later a bump/blister appeared. What the heck?


I rushed to show my husband, “Look at this! Why do I have this blister?” I always ask him to know everything. Poor guy. He didn’t know and Google didn’t either. Oh well. At least it’s over and my finger gets a break. It’s crazy how a little device could cause more pain! Items up next blood work and X-rays. Yay?


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