Basking in Love

Thunderstorms have been kicking my ass… again. The sky is grey, the barometric pressure is low, the humidity is high, and we’re under a flash flood watch. I feel sick and like a 50 pounds of dog food are hanging from each of my wrists and ankles. I’m crunchy, clumsy, restless, and very uncomfortable. I want to understand why the weather changes do this. Not that it really matters. I already know without fail, that most widespread pain and illness identifies that a storm is brewing within the next couple days. AccuWeather is calling for stormy weather through Friday.

On these days it is important to call upon things that keep me from or at least minimize pity parties. Here are some things that are helping me today and may help if you’re in a similar place.

• Burning myself via a hot shower. My poor skin pays the price of the intense heat which my joints require. Scaly skin is beautiful, right?

• Music is my great healer and therefore Spotify is aiding in keeping a pity party at bay. I just discovered this fantastic band called Sivu thanks to My Old Kentucky Blog.

• Re-reading and journaling using the prompts in Chronic Resilience by Danea Horn. Have I mentioned this book yet? It’s super amazing and inspiring. Seriously, read it. I wrote Danea on Facebook to thank her and she wrote me back! Heart-warming and rad!

• Re-reading the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. My thoughts are just thoughts, fears just fears, and today is only today. I choose what to pay attention to and what to let fly by. I am more empowered than I feel.

• Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris (even though he wouldn’t take a picture with me at a book reading, he’s still my favorite). He’s descriptive, endearing, offensive, hilarious, and dramatic. Perfection.

• Creativity- gently walking through my garden, reading HGTV magazines that my mom just passed on to me, watching HGTV, and brainstorming ideas for my portfolio and artwork. Oh yes, and Pinterest!

• Avoiding stressful and fearful thoughts and topics- they’re everywhere. I have to be aware and cautious so they won’t further eat my health.

• Eating healthy-
breakfast: typically oatmeal (though today was a gluten-free, sugar-free, and oil-free blueberry muffin courtesy of my awesome husband),
snack: green juice,
lunch: salad (romain, onions, peppers, mushrooms, sauerkraut, carrots, beets, avocado, tempeh, with a Dr. Fuhrman based cashew dressing)
snack: smoothie
dinner: a vegetable and rice/quinoa bowl.

• Chocolate peanut-butter smoothie (almond milk, frozen banana, peanut butter, and cold pressed Cacao powder).

• Writing this blog on my iPad. 🙂

On another note, our dishwasher died this weekend. I know it’s silly but it is devastating. It’s a financial and physical burden. After too much research we went with a Kenmore Elite (cadillac model). It is the easiest for me to open and has potential for no pre-washing. I cannot comprehend that! It’s also super quiet and pretty (well as pretty as a dishwasher can be from Sears). We’re even having it installed so it will be here 2 days sooner which is a pretty big deal for us and this nasty weather. Oh and they’re hauling away the broken one. Rad!

Living with RA has taught my husband and me that sometimes you have to do what’s going to make things a bit easier. It has also taught me to surround myself with things that make me love and feel loved- especially on the rough days. I’ve tried basking in sadness and anger and I can confidently say it made me annoyed with myself and ultimately made me feel worse. Not that I don’t wallow in sorrow sometimes, I do, but I really keep it limited because it is a choice.

Right now my thought is… Wow, that chocolate peanut butter smoothie rocked my world! 🙂 Yummmmmm!


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