New Braces!

It’s hot! And sticky! While I was initially excited to write this post about my new snazzy/girly wrist braces I’d now rather avoid the topic… because they’re rather squishy in sweat but remain a necessity. But like the brave soul I am I will trudge on and ask you to ignore my previous statements.

Hey guys! I got new wrist braces! This is what they look like…



They’re even pink on the inside! Rad!



My old wrist braces got their first bath and these beauties are closely bonding with me. My old ones are gargantuan and drew attention like “how did you break your wrists?” “are you okay?” So these new feminine models will hopefully draw less attention. I’ll keep you posted.

All my tests came back and everything is “normal,” which I figured would be the case. It seems pain, especially in the ribs, can make it tough to sleep/breathe. 

Anyway, it’s been a hectic week and I’ve spent an absurd amount of time in front of my computer. I think I’m going to plop (gently) on the couch for some much overdue rest! Perhaps even watch my new favorite show, Scandal, obsessively. I wish ya’ll a great weekend!



  1. Dramatic temperature changes are awful. I only did a short bout with prednisone upon my sever onset. My rheumatologist doesn’t approve of anything but the regimen I am on which is methotrexate/humira. I practically had to beg for pain meds (the meds are supposed to make me better completely in his mind). But the pain meds so far make me feel worse (I’m going to be writing a post on that shortly). Ugh! Not much is easy in dealing with the RA beast.

    Yay! I hope you like the braces like I do. 🙂

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