About Me

RA is rheumatoid arthritis. Some prefer to call it RAD or Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease or Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease. I like to think of RAD as in radical- the awesome term used in the 90’s. Bon Jovi was rad and disease is most certainly not.

Ra Ra stands for the the constant and persistent energy, thought, pain, and speech RA has brought to my life. Even though it’s often invisible to others, it has changed my life completely. Everything I do is with RA in mind- even in my sleep, it is always there. While RA is constant, persistent, and has given me many new challenges it has also provided me tremendous insight and has, in many ways, been a gift.

And Rad you ask? Well, despite RA my life is (Bon Jovi) Rad! I have a fabulous and supportive family, superhero husband, 4 kitties, and 2 puppies (full size golden retrievers), and a beautiful home to wrap it all up in.

As a little background, I was diagnosed with RA in May 2012 and since my world has fallen and crashed into a million pieces. I will write as I pick up, rearrange, and create a new masterpiece. If Steve Wynn can stick his elbow through a Picasso and survive I think I can get through this too!

Please feel free to comment and I do hope you find this to be relatable and/or entertaining.



  1. Thanks for being so brave and caring! I love your blog but I have to admit that it breaks my heart that you have to deal with this awful disease. I wish I could make it all better. When you were a little girl I use to put a band aid on your boos boos and say, “All Gone.” That always stopped the tears. Those simple words helped. I wish I could say “all gone” and have this disease go away forever. I feel at times that it is unbearable to see you suffer so much. It is a parent’s nightmare and I worry daily how you are feeling. I worry about your future although I try to be positive. You are a beautiful woman and the kindest person on Earth. You have suffered some major hits in your life but in my heart I know that your inner strength will endure. You have so much to offer this world and I know you will succeed in whatever you want to accomplish. I am very proud of you and I am your biggest fan. All my love, Mom

    • Wipes tears away. Thank you Mommy. I can’t imagine how hard this all is for you to cope with. I hope my writing doesn’t cause it to be too much. I appreciate you always wiping my tears away over the years and today even though it cannot be cured with a bandaid. I always loved the colorful vet-wrap bandaids best! Maybe you can wrap me up in vet-wrap? Haha. Or maybe eat ice cream instead?

      Please know you give me strength with your courage and wisdom every single day. Things have in no way been easy for you and you have always conquered each obstacle and end with a smile. You have been an amazing role model and I find myself constantly thinking, what would my mom do? I can only hope I can be as strong and brave as you. I sure try hard! I feel honored to make you feel proud and to have your everlasting belief in me. Thank you. I love you so much!

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